I meant well

I never meant for you to leave my dream.
I honestly thought we were building our
Dream together.
I thought you were the finish to my sentence
And I was the start to yours.
I thought I was your rock,
And you were my anchor.
But listening to you speak now,
I see how we lost ourselves in words,
So many words we spoke.
All of them saying, ‘I love you, I just don’t
Know how to tell you we are not meant for
Each other.’
How my hands became colder as I held yours,
Even though my heart still beats for you.
Or maybe how we impatiently wanted to be
One on our knees.
But all we became was runners going opposite
Hoping to still meet at the finish line.

I really never meant for you to be living my dream,
I think I always thought as we lay,
Our eyes closed.
We saw the same thing
And we were living the reality of it



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