About them 

Even for you, flowers would lose their scent just for a chance to touch your skin. 

Things they never understood you taught them with open arms and no reproach. But the day they leave they give you a story of how things are going to be and how you should accept it. 

How they feel their new path much more pure and never to be defiled by such as you. 

How they felt that your pain was never worthy of where they go, so they try to lock all your doors and windows making sure they are leak proof. 

How God decided to matter in that moment, when you were supposed to forgive because remember your journey started with Him. 

But only how they forget you lived your knees black; sending prayers on their half. Oh how on tally you lost value. 

How their apologies you are supposed to accept, and that ‘I never meant to hurt you’ seems to linger. 

Forgetting how if they didn’t mean to, they wouldn’t have been in your bosom tying twine to your life pump and just when you thought you couldn’t they pulled, you breathed again. 

How they say they know they wrong but in their breathe you can here ‘what else would you have had me do’ 

How they claim to care but all there is, is sighs of relief. And you are just happy you are not jealous, insecure or crazy. 

How they were just shady. 

Anyway they forgot who reminded them their worth when they were falling. Now they nudging at your innocence like they weren’t caught short. 

So remember, for you, not them, flowers would lose their scent just to touch you. 


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