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The Break-Up

We ought to know these truths

She Shed


They say, you always see the signs leading to a break-up. I’ll be lying if I say, I saw this one coming. It was surreal, still is.

The build-up started a week ago, the Twitter streets were awake, the relationship trended for a full week. Sunday the 19th of November 2017, was a nail to my coffin. I felt hope fading, going out the window, a part of me was OK with whatever outcome. We have been at it for so many years anyway, we were going to keep on surviving.

This relationship turned my life upside down. Growing up, I used to be this happy child, BUT now a very worried adult. The thought of my home country and my immediate and extended family keeps me up at night, not to mention friendships that couldn’t withstand the long-distance relationships.  Family phone calls conversation are not just of sweet…

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Train Track Days

I remember how these days always took you from me. How the softness of your skin made you like a sponge. Soaking in everything that we had dug out of you, on rainy days when your ground was soft. When the sun had slightly touched you but not hardened you. Train track days, when you... Continue Reading →


Those born from women with volcanos in their mouths still feel the burn in the pits of their stomachs. Their lava awaits their seed, they have only known growth by fire. a.mac

I am mostly talking to myself

I haven't written a single thing in the longest time. And i don't mean i haven't posted anything here in a while. I mean i have been having no action at all, pen is super dry on my paper y'all. It's so annoying not being able to do something you actually love doing. I haven't... Continue Reading →

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