Train Track Days

I remember how these days always took you from me. How the softness of your skin made you like a sponge. Soaking in everything that we had dug out of you, on rainy days when your ground was soft. When the sun had slightly touched you but not hardened you. Train track days, when you... Continue Reading →



Those born from women with volcanos in their mouths still feel the burn in the pits of their stomachs. Their lava awaits their seed, they have only known growth by fire. a.mac

I am mostly talking to myself

I haven't written a single thing in the longest time. And i don't mean i haven't posted anything here in a while. I mean i have been having no action at all, pen is super dry on my paper y'all. It's so annoying not being able to do something you actually love doing. I haven't... Continue Reading →

I meant well

You will always be the one who made me happy. The one who made me smile, because they showed up when I was locked up in prisons made by self. I think it was your eyes they always had this eagerness to know me, their honesty filled me with fearful hope.

I should have

I remember dates and days like I never left them It’s not today but I felt that it is drawing closer. Three years will feel like today again. Cemeteries will seem to find my feet again, And there you will lie, All that body, all that spirit Contained in a box six feet under Your... Continue Reading →

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